The School is run by a Director and 10 Board members and counts on the most renown experts in the perinatal and reproductive medical fields. In order to guarantee that the best lecturers come to teach at the school, modules are organized into periods of 2 days, which gives lecturers the possibility to stay for a limited time in Florence so as to avoid any clash with their usual commitments, but at the same time, it allows them to concentrate their lectures and participation into a short period. The modules may have a specific topic like pre-term birth, imaging in Obstetrics, resuscitation in the delivery room and so on, and their combinations will make a full one-week course ending with final exams and a diploma granted by the school.


Examples of modules are dealing with the PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF SYSTEMS and the DEVELOPMENT OF DISEASE IN THE PERINANTAL PERIOD. Some example modules are:

  • BRAIN (in the fetal and neonatal periods)
  • LUNG (in the fetal and neonatal periods)
  • THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM (in the fetal and neonatal periods)
  • THE GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM (in the fetal and neonatal period)

Brain in the perinatal and neonatal period:

  • Development
  • Anomalies (including congenital)
  • Mechanism of damage
  • Treatment of hypoxia-asphyxia
  • The brain and twins
  • Infections and the brain
  • Controversies
  • The brain and cerebral palsy
  • Ethics and Medical Humanities