Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small text file which is registered by your browser and records data concerning web pages and browser sessions. Our website – depending on the area you navigate – uses some “first-party cookies” (generated and used by the website itself) and some “third-party cookies” generated on our website by partners. Cookies allow us to record some non-sensitive information about your navigation and help us to understand the approach needed to make your navigation more efficient. Cookies are only able to store text contents, always anonymous and usually encrypted. The data handler will not record any personal information in a cookie.

– technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary in order for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide the service.” (art. 122 (1), Privacy Code).

Technical cookies fall into the following categories:
– navigation or session cookies: used for ordinary navigation or to use a website. They allow you to make a purchase or to verify your identity in order to access protected or reserved areas;

– analytics cookies: like technical cookies, they are used by the website to collect information, in an anonymous manner, on the number of users and how they visit the website;

– function cookies: these allow the user to navigate by storing, for example, language, products chosen for purchase, etc.

Profiling cookies dedicated to creating user profiles. They are used to send advertising messages suited to the preferences the user has expressed while navigating. They collect information about user navigation, websites and pages visited and staying time; they later show suitable ads on other websites.

Our website uses first and third-party technical and profiling cookies to analyse traffic statistics.

Cookies are small text files generated by the websites you visit, which preserve session data which might later be used on the website. This makes it possible to keep your information between visits to pages and also to analyse how you interact with the website. Cookies are safe – they can only keep the information you put into the browser or which is included in the page you request. They cannot turn into codes and cannot be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts information in a cookie, only the website will be able to read the information. There are two different kinds of cookies: Session and Persistent. They are used for different purposes and contain different kinds of information. Session Cookies contain the information used in your current browsing session. These cookies will be automatically deleted when you close the browser. Nothing will be kept on your computer after you have finished using the website. Our websites use cookies which leave an identifying text code on the user’s client server in order to track the user’s navigation session. Persistent Cookies are used to preserve information used between one access to the website and the following one. These data allow the website to recognise that you are known customers or visitors and to behave consequently. “Persistent” cookies last for a time set by the website, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Cookies are used by the website to preserve your session, keeping track of some details of your navigation, or whether you entered the system following a certain procedure. They are used to display significant elements which are not sensitive during navigation. Analytics cookies of our Google Partner allow us to track how the user interacts with the website, providing us with a precious tool to improve use of the website, the products and services we provide.

Every web browser allows you to restrict cookie activity or disable them using the options menu. Different browsers use different procedures. Your browser will also let you see the cookies on your computer, deleting some or all of them. Cookies are simply text files, so you can simply open them and read their contents. The data in them are often encrypted or else bear a numerical key referring to a web session, so they often make sense only to the website which wrote them. If you disable cookies, the website might not be able to provide some functions needed to register, if required for e-commerce or to log into private areas. If you disable cookies, your progress on the website will no longer be monitored, but the analytical code for recognising your visit will not be blocked.

The cookie session which is recorded includes the data used by the web server with which the server is processing your session and your state of authentication (towards our Database). Persistent cookies created by the website are used by our technological partner Google. They recognise traffic towards the site by recurring rather than by new customers. This information is recorded and may be used for advertising campaigns tailored to your interests. Deleting these cookies will not affect how you interact with the site or how it works.

We use Google tools to analyse traffic and notify through cookies which pages, products and services you have visited and make it possible to find suitable advertising and user statistics. Google uses both persistent and session cookies. These cookies do not store personal data. Deleting or disabling these cookies does not restrict operation of the website.